Alopecia Aerata or Hair Loss Syndrom

One of the major problems with women’s hair is “Alopecia Areata” called hair loss, hair is particularly intense in parts or all of the loss. Experts in this case, the women began to take part more actively in life are bound to hormonal changes. NEW androgen male hormone that women with increased activity in life are thought to begin to secrete more. Research shows that every woman over the age of 20, indicating that hair loss due to any period of his life he needed medical help. If the mold is defined as a special medical mildew are common in recent years, especially in women reliable studies showing that highly effective non-hormonal therapy in hair loss.

Effect of Hormone Hair Loss in Women What is it?

Normal hormone content in the body of a woman, 8 measure estrogen (female hormone) is one measure of money androgen hormones. When women began to be seen in hair loss but this rate change. Estrogen directly affects the elasticity of the skin and hair texture. In fact, a few months after the birth of women’s hair loss starts. Because after birth, estrogen levels during pregnancy are so high that a sudden fall, which badly affects the hair. But this is a temporary situation, so there is no need to worry. Women taking birth control pills also can experience hair loss after you stop taking the pill. Reviews polycystic ovarian androgen increasing in the majority of patients (male), the impact of hormones and growing as a result of the deteriorating balance of hormones in the female “male pattern” of hair loss is distinct complaint in stop loss of hair the treatment of diseases and hair grows back.

What is the Most Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

stress and hair loss

Boredom, anxiety, insomnia, bad teeth and hair loss can lead to malnutrition. Given the random coloring hair loss from breakage of wires go even further and may lead to hair loss. Inflammation of hair collected in continuous stress scalp, swelling can cause hair loss shrinks the part that feeds the hair. ÇOKCA sudden loss of hair is not an aesthetic problem, it is a medical issue. In such a case, not only the head of the whole body as well as inspection, thyroid tests, kidney, calcium, enzymes, liver studies should be performed

The Effects of Stress Hair Loss What is it?

The stress-induced hair loss, people will assume the information will trigger hair loss in terms of psychological response to this situation. For example, the death of a loved one, separation from dear, such as job loss or serious acute stress situations is stunning, fast, can lead to severe hair loss. In medicine, this situation triggered by stress & quot; telogen effluvium, & quot; It is called. Chronic, insidious, slow hair loss in the external effects of the next psychoneuroses and chronic anxiety (anxiety) effective olmaktadır.stres connected to another case in medicine in the name & quot; breaking Alopecia areata is hair
Ie, 2-2.5 cm in diameter coin is circular hair loss. It can occur in both sexes. In most cases, it resolves spontaneously. This psycho-social stress in the emergence of the disease is thought to be effective

Linked to Hair Loss Cosmetics What is such?

Cosmetic products, substances and methods would cause physical trauma to the hair and scalp and sometimes cause changes may be permanent or undesirable. Making the wrong application, the quality of hair made chemicals and applications of the active substance contributes to this negative change.
Things cosmetic applications: Member
1. Shampoos used to clean the hair. A shampoo type existing on the market are formulated in different ways and commercially normal, dry and oily, damaged hair and are sold as formulated for colored hair. Oily hair shampoos for dry hair if they cause when used daily. Yet the development of irritant or allergic dermatitis against possible ingredients in shampoos.
2. Hair Dyes: The ability to make contact dermatitis makes the gradual coloring hair dye but is less stiff, brittle, lifeless hair can be harmful because they cause. Also remaining in the sheet metal residues complicates the application of permanent dye and perm solution. In such an application is made causes the hair to break. Semi-permanent dyes they create less damage to the hair shaft but because they contain dyes can allergic contact dermatitis. Permanent dyes can be two kinds of applications. If a dark color is desired is made from a single transaction. However, there has been a two-stage process of painting a lighter color if desired. First, it is necessary withered existing hair. Hydrogen peroxide or ammonia used for the withering process. Meanwhile, brittle hair, wrinkling available and take a look lifeless.

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Hair Loss In Men And Women

How is the structure of our muscles? – The development of the hair follicle begins in the womb, 8 weeks, and 22 weeks to complete development of all hair follicles. There is a total of 5 million hair follicles in the body after birth. The hair follicles of the head and neck region of 1 million, 100 thousand of which in turn is the scalp. A hair follicle lives 10-20 times during their life cycle. The average life expectancy of 85 years, each hair follicle.
The name of the male hormone androgen increases with puberty. Vellus called thin feathery hair, underarm area, genitals, to thicken in beard and mustache, is the cause darkening of the color allows the conversion of terminal hair. However, unfortunately, the same hormone shows an adverse effect on the scalp and the hair forward in our time of forming terminal hair vellus hair causes baldness and even the conversion.
Human hair hair life cycle performs a total of 20 time

Hair cycle consists of 4 phases:

1. anagen phase – growth phase
Cells in the hair follicles are actively producing hair.
Up to 85% of our hair found in the anagen phase. Assuming that’s why we have a total of 100,000 hair Telia, we can see that 85,000 of them.
Anagen phase 3-6 years with aging, but this time will be shortened.
This phase also determines the length of the hair. Our hair, extended about 10 cm per year, at the end of 3 years for a period of three years is seen anagen phase of the hair length is 30 cm.
2. Catagen phase – the transition phase
This phase stops hair growth and follicle according to the normal length of a contract and dilate, will be shortened.
Kadarlık section 1-2% of our hair is available in this phase.
This phase lasts approximately 1-2 weeks.
3. telogen phase – waiting phase
This phase lasts approximately 3-4 months.
In this phase the hair root elongation that form part of the catagen phase by further reduced, but is still hold the scalp.
Average up to 13% of hair is found in this phase.
Hair in this period will win a fine view. Sometimes, stress, injury, pregnancy or diet after this period can enter the hair in this phase “telogen effluvium” is called.
4. Loss phase
In this phase, the shaft section breaks off from the root portion and poured.
The most important factor in the analysis is the study of the structure of hair follicular units.
Follicular unit in 1984. Dr. Named John Headington described by pathologist. 1, like a bouquet of flowers in the structure of the hair follicle where up to 5 different numbers of “follicular units” is called. Each follicular unit has a certain number and order of his own. These differences, both individual determines the hair density, as well as guiding the surgeon in planning prior to hair transplantation. There are approximately 80-120 follicular units 1 cm². In the middle of the busiest part of the follicular unit 1/3 of the area between the ears. This density decreases when going towards the sides. In the context of a follicular unit, the terminal number from 1 to 5 and vellus-type hair follicles, sebaceous glands and hair follicles warnings against allowing the movement “erector pili” There is muscle.

What are the causes of hair loss in women?

hair-loss treatment

Hair loss in women – Lifeless hair, the hair thinning and hair loss is a major issue throughout the life of one out of three women to suffer. A significant portion of the genetic type of female hair loss, hair loss problems. There is a family history of female pattern hair loss in 20%. Factors that cause hair loss in women except for genetic reasons can be listed as follows:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • After birth process
  • High fever and severe infections
  • Thyroid disease
  • Iron deficiency
  • Malnutrition and stress
  • In some disease treatment
  • Major surgery and chronic diseases
  • Hair plucking disease (Trichotillomania)
  • Alopecia areata (hair Kiran)
  • What went wrong in the hair care

Treatment of Hair Loss in Women

Many factors are taken into consideration for the treatment of hair loss in women. Hair color for the diagnosis of hair loss in women, the frequency of hair, hair diameter and hair loss type and the look of the table because of a hormone generated in the subsequent hair loss is determined by systematic blood tests. Coaching, we call that a regular follow-up counseling because of women living with hair loss hair can be maintained in the long term. The recommended treatment for locally administered drugs to the scalp to prevent hair loss women, vitamins and other triggers; In case of oral nutritional supplement tablets to reach the next size of a hair transplant or hair loss it can be summarized as to ensure coordination with other treatments.

What are the common causes of hair loss in men?

Hair loss in men – Genetic hair loss is defined as the type of loss in men is androgenetic alopecia the most common form. Loss characteristic of this type, first, the left and right side small area of ​​the frontal hairline hair loss starts. This field moves rearward so as to cause the retraction of the hairline. This situation leads to the front of the head bald. Often the vertex name in the top part of the head where the hair is followed similar development of spin and ends with the thinning hair. Over time this will grow the size of the field and eventually merge them in the back of the head and causing a head completely bald except for a crown in the areas protected as well.

Androgenetic type hair loss can be inherited from parents ways. This negative genetic condition that case, people can go through their parents or still remain as heritage from his uncle.
The development of hair loss varies.
Genetic predisposition and last stage of hair loss due to sensitivity, ranging from the loss of all hair loss hair line. The development of hair loss varies. Front hairline some men may continue to old age without any exacerbation of a small bald areas. In rare cases, the decrease can be seen on the sides of the hair at the hairline of the hills without losing any hair.
Hair transplantation is an effective treatment for male pattern loss results that can benefit the rest of balding hair again. Male pattern baldness is caused by genetics 95%, creams or medications taken by mouth can not unfortunately desired results.

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Hair Loss Causes and Its Treatment

Our hair are shed due to many reasons. The important thing is to find that they shed our hair loss for any reason.

The hair up to 200 wires per day for a normal person shows whether a case should not be considered normal and worry. First, how do hair occurs, I explain how and why he cast spells.

Human hair completes the loop and flows in the third phase. The first of these phases, growth phase (anagen), at this stage the hair a month approximately 1 cm longer and as bölümdür.genel make up a large part of the phase after sürer.b phase of 2-8 years of hair degradation phase (Catagen) phase by shorter we also hair roots are in phase prepares himself resting phase and approximately 20 days sürer.v hair, loop the resting phase (telogen) and bitirir.b period, the hair root is rested for 3-4 months and radically separated if the dökülür.yer to deal with a new hair coming hair cycle returns. In short, this is the modus operandi of our hair. As everything has a life is a life poured out of my hair and hair completed the lifetime income instead of new hair.

However; Our hair for any reason poured in an extreme form of what we call problems and baldness occurs. Which reason to find that the excessive loss, treatment should do for him.

Let’s talk about the causes of hair loss;

The 1-Stress Induced Hair Casting
Stress-induced loss in the duration of the growth phase of the hair falls, increases the duration of the resting stage that a person with a hair loss in addition to the olur.Bir cause hair loss to increase the loss it brought into a problem mümkündür.stres in the hair, as in all diseases important It plays a role.

2-Used Drugs Due spilled Hair
These birth control pills, as well as, of course, comes in at the beginning of chemotherapy, acne medications, anabolic steroids cause hair loss, not to mention in the olabilmekteler.uyuşturucu guess.

3-Vitamin A and iron deficienc
Vitamin A and iron deficiency is pivotal for adequate and balanced diet are the biggest hair loss nedenleridir.o outside.

The hair has been determined that severe trauma of a sudden spilled.

Some pregnant women sick of hair due to the levels of estrogen fluctuations dökülebilir.östroj resolves itself when it comes to normal.

6-Male Pattern Hair Loss
So far, written reasons for all of the treatment or that the elimination of the state or the short-term can be prevented by food or drug supplements nedenlerdir.fakat today is perhaps one of the biggest problems of male pattern hair loss, affects the psychology of the people in a negative way and social life sını the term and There is a treatment that requires patience.

The show opened with male pattern hair loss and thinning at the temples in his hair and baldness is inevitable if the measures taken. Male pattern hair loss is generally connected to two hydrogen atoms through 5-alpha reductase enzyme to the male hormone called testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) as a result of conversion occurred gelir.akl immediately may question, ?? since the reason, why does not shed hair every man ??? Here’s where the genetic circuit, hair follicles Our androgens to how sensitive matter loss as it oluyor.mesel side and back hair violence never poured the reason for that in part is resistant to androgens hair follicles and the top people at the loss of hair in kaynaklanır.iş from affected the follicles of the hair It is resistant to androgens.

The loss of our cells get older our hair thinning and loss of cell membranes by destroying the hair follicles to androgens connect it continues to increase even more in the coming years following receptors. Hair in male pattern baldness is the most common deciduous DHT hormone, testosterone as well and play an active role in some of those androgynous hair loss.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Misconceptions

-Sarımsa Is snake oil that is almond oil is olive oil, and in all types of fat and weird ingredients are the benefits of gelir.evet garlic and top post oil at the beginning of them, nourishes the hair loss can reduce the amount but the usage of which is difficult and, it will not be any time as well as the desired result.

One of the biggest misconceptions 5134_finasteride_01-her outside, to shave the head or take a nap as short as possible. This is one of the biggest misconceptions. Mani shaved head has no effect on hair loss. Because hair loss is reduced as stops but already spilled hair short hair and you can not see why you say that the reduction of hair loss falling olur.Bir failure to empty the shortcut fleeting your hair to no avail.

Joleen on, hair spray, hair loss is not such a case verir.kesinlikl to wax and other hair care products, it is used to shape the hair and the only cause of hair loss is caused by root, as written above.

-used In shampoos hair loss durdurur. that one of the biggest misconceptions is well, never you standing shampoo spill just a few minutes in your head, walked away from the stopper shampoo commercials to durdurmaz.dökül, shampoos helps not only to stop the spill alone loss of stopping as your olanaksızdır.para for the moment this Beware of people who have overtaken in the ads.

Treatment of Male Pattern Hair Loss
First of all you need to know some things very well, long and messy at the beginning of their male type of hair loss treatment is formed. After several months of waiting, you’ll be frustrated. Its outside is a treat male pattern hair loss treatment can last a lifetime, you’ll return to your former state you left the drugs you use.

you can come to the following question, in the era of artificial hearts opened an era technology, organ transplantation, what is happening at a time when it was created from genetic copies of animals that remedy can not be found. The only valid reason, of course, the hair industry is an industry of billions of dollars drug companies to do the work in a way that puts the stone or are slow. But the kalkacaktır.histog disappear completely in the near future hair loss, do not lose hope, firms such as Replicel poured a lot of money to solve it and the Japanese and Koreans outside çıkacaktır.o encountered results in the near future were the work at hand, and they are expecting the world with great hopes.

After so let’s knowledge of the scientifically proven hair loss treatment. Currently approved by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved today there are 3 items. These Finasteride is minoxidil and ketoconazole.

In 5134_z5a_avodartfinasteri
It is one of two agents approved by the FDA. The working mechanism inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase whether the conversion of testosterone to DHT blocking ate ??, this hair is meant to prevent hair loss by reducing the maximum shed hormones.
FDA recommended dose of 1mg, which reduces DHT levels approximately 65%.

Showing the same effect with finasteride, but has not received FDA approval yet another drug while on hair loss, Dutasteride ‘?? d. 0.5 mg Dutasteride DHT levels have the same mechanism decreases approximately 90%.
Finasteride is beginning to show the effect after approximately 1 year.

Let’s talk about the side effects:
?? The side effects seen in about 2% since the use of the drug impotence, decreased libido, ejaculation disorder, gynecomastia, breast tenderness, decreased sperm level.
Turkey ?? and also Propecia Finasteride 5mg proscar whereas satılıyor.prosc is under the name Propecia contains finasteride 1mg.

Minoksidil5134_minoxidil-96-week (1)
The last ingredient is approved by the FDA that are still unknown minoksidildir.nasıl remove hair, increasing by increasing blood flow to the hair roots Capillarity that is estimated to remove it again. In general, particularly the effect of hair around my gösterir.maksim poured then shows the effect of 1 year.

Turkey ?? 5% and 2% under Minoxil name ?? 5% is recommended for vardır.erkek like forms. Because accelerate the flow of blood is the most common side effects of headache are some of the side effects seen her outside the itching and redness. Minoxidil is also one of hardship lose effectiveness over time.

Finasteride and minoxidil can check for before and after photos on the links below.

Ketoconazole is an androgen receptor antagonist substance and reduces the destruction of hair follicles due to androgen, it does not allow the formation of dandruff and fungal next. Hair loss presented in shampoo form are used in the treatment.
Turkey ?? Nizoral and sold under the name Konazol.

Opening more than two weeks in the use of hair color can lead to drying of the skin and hair. In addition to these supplements as well, but let’s take a brief look, and does not consent to the positive effects of the drug way.They proven many times.

5 mg taken daily supplements as thickening of the hair and provides a more lush look. Approximately shows the effect of 3 months.

Saw Palmetto
Although not be approved yet by the FDA, it is a substance which inhibit DHT. You can see this item in longer hair products.

Due to the anti-androgen it has been found to prevent hair loss. oral use is very risky.

The treaty
“A” is a derivative of vitamin. For use with Minoxidil increases the absorption of minoxidil more.

When applied to the scalp, it is increasing in the region and to capillarization when used with minoxidil has been shown to increase the effects of minoxidil times.

Laser Tarağı5134_minoxidil_andcopperpeptides
It is known to increase the quality of the hair and stop hair loss.

Hair Mesotherapy
Yet another embodiment of acting in the same manner as minoxidil.
A substance is said to be very effective on hair loss does not only exist in Turkey

Its outside Bepanthen, Evigan, ongoing hair several times a week to break the bulbs bemiks slows hair loss.

Last word
Particularly in long hair loss treatment, as I said, be patient and messy a iş is a disciplined way our göreceksiniz.günü benefit if you use your medications was also hair is very fashionable to find a good physician and yet the plantation, to keep the roots planted, materiality and wasted your time is about 1 year olacaktır.t that instant I get them out does not make much sense especially if your medication improves the human hair.

You also need to specify. One treatment that you made with completely bald, it is almost impossible to turn into a 18-year-old. According to the Norwood Scale, your 2 numbers heal hair, so hair is one of the 4 revenue is perhaps a much better situation compared to two in-house. But 7 would be unrealistic to expect the two to become one of the hair.