Alopecia Aerata or Hair Loss Syndrom

One of the major problems with women’s hair is “Alopecia Areata” called hair loss, hair is particularly intense in parts or all of the loss. Experts in this case, the women began to take part more actively in life are bound to hormonal changes. NEW androgen male hormone that women with increased activity in life are thought to begin to secrete more. Research shows that every woman over the age of 20, indicating that hair loss due to any period of his life he needed medical help. If the mold is defined as a special medical mildew are common in recent years, especially in women reliable studies showing that highly effective non-hormonal therapy in hair loss.

Effect of Hormone Hair Loss in Women What is it?

Normal hormone content in the body of a woman, 8 measure estrogen (female hormone) is one measure of money androgen hormones. When women began to be seen in hair loss but this rate change. Estrogen directly affects the elasticity of the skin and hair texture. In fact, a few months after the birth of women’s hair loss starts. Because after birth, estrogen levels during pregnancy are so high that a sudden fall, which badly affects the hair. But this is a temporary situation, so there is no need to worry. Women taking birth control pills also can experience hair loss after you stop taking the pill. Reviews polycystic ovarian androgen increasing in the majority of patients (male), the impact of hormones and growing as a result of the deteriorating balance of hormones in the female “male pattern” of hair loss is distinct complaint in stop loss of hair the treatment of diseases and hair grows back.

What is the Most Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

stress and hair loss

Boredom, anxiety, insomnia, bad teeth and hair loss can lead to malnutrition. Given the random coloring hair loss from breakage of wires go even further and may lead to hair loss. Inflammation of hair collected in continuous stress scalp, swelling can cause hair loss shrinks the part that feeds the hair. ÇOKCA sudden loss of hair is not an aesthetic problem, it is a medical issue. In such a case, not only the head of the whole body as well as inspection, thyroid tests, kidney, calcium, enzymes, liver studies should be performed

The Effects of Stress Hair Loss What is it?

The stress-induced hair loss, people will assume the information will trigger hair loss in terms of psychological response to this situation. For example, the death of a loved one, separation from dear, such as job loss or serious acute stress situations is stunning, fast, can lead to severe hair loss. In medicine, this situation triggered by stress & quot; telogen effluvium, & quot; It is called. Chronic, insidious, slow hair loss in the external effects of the next psychoneuroses and chronic anxiety (anxiety) effective olmaktadır.stres connected to another case in medicine in the name & quot; breaking Alopecia areata is hair
Ie, 2-2.5 cm in diameter coin is circular hair loss. It can occur in both sexes. In most cases, it resolves spontaneously. This psycho-social stress in the emergence of the disease is thought to be effective

Linked to Hair Loss Cosmetics What is such?

Cosmetic products, substances and methods would cause physical trauma to the hair and scalp and sometimes cause changes may be permanent or undesirable. Making the wrong application, the quality of hair made chemicals and applications of the active substance contributes to this negative change.
Things cosmetic applications: Member
1. Shampoos used to clean the hair. A shampoo type existing on the market are formulated in different ways and commercially normal, dry and oily, damaged hair and are sold as formulated for colored hair. Oily hair shampoos for dry hair if they cause when used daily. Yet the development of irritant or allergic dermatitis against possible ingredients in shampoos.
2. Hair Dyes: The ability to make contact dermatitis makes the gradual coloring hair dye but is less stiff, brittle, lifeless hair can be harmful because they cause. Also remaining in the sheet metal residues complicates the application of permanent dye and perm solution. In such an application is made causes the hair to break. Semi-permanent dyes they create less damage to the hair shaft but because they contain dyes can allergic contact dermatitis. Permanent dyes can be two kinds of applications. If a dark color is desired is made from a single transaction. However, there has been a two-stage process of painting a lighter color if desired. First, it is necessary withered existing hair. Hydrogen peroxide or ammonia used for the withering process. Meanwhile, brittle hair, wrinkling available and take a look lifeless.

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